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[icon] Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?
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Current Music:Nine Inch Nails - Closer
Time:09:03 pm
Current Mood:crazycrazy
Schizotypal:Very High
Borderline:Very High

-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --

That is SO ME!!!!!!!

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Current Music:House on Haunted Hill - Main Title
Time:07:56 pm
Current Mood:blankblank
Ook so today was the first
day of being a grade 10...hooray!!
I actually
like my classes this semester,
i have Science,
and Math and i love the
people in my classes.
I'm with Terri-lynn in the two morning classes
and then im with
Amy and David ♥ in teh afternoon lol.
I'm too tired to type ne more.
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Current Music:Modest Mouse - Float On
Time:06:34 am
Current Mood:nervousnervous
Ook so this is my first day of school.
Hooray lol well
im not at school yet.
I woke up super early cause i thought i
would need
some time to do my
hair and shit and figure out
im gonna wear BUT
im finished now and i have all this time to
waste so
im just
updating this journal thing.
I'm scared :\
i dont want to go to school.
I moved my room around
yesterday and its awesome :D
It looks GOOOOOD lol.
I need to buy a webcam :(
my cousin has one and im jealous of her, GRR!!!
I could buy one but
i dont
really wanna waste
my money on a webcam, i wanna get some clothes!!!
Ook so im just listening to Modest Mouse now.
Look, its a heart ♥ well at
least i think it is.
Heh ook well ima gonna go brush my teeth and put
on my make-up.
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Current Music:The Village - The Gravel Road
Time:09:47 pm
Current Mood:tiredtired
Welly welly well...im bored.
School starts on tuesday and
im not very happy about it lol.
Stupid school.
Well im gonna walk
with my cousin and make her
find my name on those little lists dealy majig.
She said its like
super hard cause theres like millions of lists lmao!! :\ eeep.
Ah oh well.
I think im gonna to bed
in like 10 mins cause im
tired and theres nothing else for me to do.
Terri-lynn and Andy broke up like this week or so,
really upset about it
I feel soo sorry for her.
She packed up all the stuff that Andy gave her and just placed it in her
closet but i know
that soon she will go through the box
and just start crying :|.
Yesterday i got House on Haunted Hill
and omfg its soo scary lmao.
Ew it was all disturbing and stuff.
Well i'm off to bed.
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Current Music:Imperial Teen - Yoo Hoo
Time:12:48 am
Current Mood:tiredtired
Ook shit, i couldnt do it.
I dont know why i said those things
before, i guess it
was just another one of those
moods of mine.
Blah, ok so im bored
tonight like always and hungry but am too lazy to
go downstairs to get some food.
Sean said
we're gonna start school
in like 8 days, shit
i didnt know it was
coming THAt fast lol.
Meh well what can u do?
This summer was meh ok, well it was
better then the last.
I had some hard times but met some really really really cool
people who helped me through a lot.
And i want to take
a shower now
but its too late at night to do that.
Damn. I was supposed
to go to wonderland again
this summer but couldnt cause one of my
friends broke her
arm and we all just
came to the conclusion that we'll just wait till next summer.
Hopefull i can get a job by then
and get a season's pass.
Terri-lynn and Andy are still together....bless them lmfao
(that was gay)
but im glad that they are
still together...
Heh, i have no idea
how some people can make their journal
look really neat and shit.
Like how?!
Meh, im too lazy to do
anything like that....shame.
I guess i could always try
move my room around again for the 100th time!!!!
lmao damn bed!!!!!!!!
Wow, this would
have to be my
longest update yet, heh i guess im tired.
Ook well im off to bed.
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Current Music:No Doubt - Running
Time:05:15 pm
Current Mood:depresseddepressed
Yes, i get the impression that
everyone in this world hates me.
I dont
know why but i just do.
The people that would
say hi to me everyday dont any more and its
pissing me off.
What did i do?
Did i say something wrong?
Blah...you know maybe
i should screw
this whole internet shit....
no more MSN for me.
Meh, maybe it'll be better....dunno.
I've been a bitch to everyone and im sorry.
lol Anyways, im about to start
school soon, much fun.
But i think its better
than being here, yea.
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Current Music:Three Days Grace - Just Like You
Time:12:28 am
Current Mood:artisticartistic
Ew omg me and Syd
were at the mall today
a bit and like we were just walking
and then these guys
came up to us and was all like
'hey ladies'
lmao and we were like
then he asked us if we
wanted to hang out or such and then we said
'um do u know how old we are!?'
and they were like no.
LMFAO stupid guys!!!
We said we were only like
14 or whatever
and they said
'ok whatever but like can i go out with u?'
OMFG!!!! EWWWW!!!!
thats just scary
and it pisses me off, blah!!
riight stupid horny guys lmao!!!
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Current Music:Wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag
Time:12:06 am
Current Mood:blahblah
ur in my journal now!!!!!!!
lol love ya hun!!
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Current Music:Metric - Combat Baby
Time:04:03 pm
Current Mood:okayokay
OMG this is sooo freaky.
Ook last night i went to Dave's
to like
you know cheer him
up cuz of what happened.
Ne who, when i was walking
was this creepy guy following me...
and i was like 'um k' so ya.
I finally got to dave's place and ya.
THEN, i left
like two hours later
and that same guy
followed me home again!!!!!!!!!!
I was soooo scared lmao.
So i just
like ran home heh.
Stupid old guys!!
Ya ook that was my story.
Much fun that was....NOT!
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Current Music:Godsmack - Voodoo
Time:07:21 pm
Current Mood:hyperhyper
Yea, ook theres nothing to do.
Like always heh.
I'm hungry.....but food is
just too far away lol.
I was talking with Dave today and ya
that was fun, well not really
but ya.
I feel so sorry for him cuz like
his girlfriend
dumped him because he
was a 'little bit different
that her other boyfriends'!!! GAH!! What the fuck?! Ew, i never did like her.....EVIL! lol.
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[icon] Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?
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